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New email newsletter (kawerongo hiko) on reo Mäori resources

Whakairo Kupu (Wordstream) and Te Taura Whiri have launched an email-based newsletter primarily to inform interested people of the release of new Mäori words and phrases created as a result of their joint "Kupu Mataora" initiative.

The objective of the newsletter is to make the new words available to those ultimate "end users" who need them, as soon as possible. The new words are also available at

Ultimate end users, broadcasters and educationalists may use Kupu Mataora words freely but no person or organization may use these words for the purpose of re-distribution or to include in or compile a dictionary, word list, lexicon or derivative work without prior written authority from Te Taura Whiri I te Reo Mäori.

The newsletter will also contain information on various reo Mäori resources from time to time.

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