- Mäori Language Resources products

Moana Kupu Whaiutu

Mäori spell checker and document utility for Microsoft® Office PC applications. MORE >>

Ketepäraha Kaiwhakamäori

"Translator's Toolbox". An auto macroniser and spell checker for Mäori monolingual documents. MORE >>

Wakareo ä-ipurangi

On-line lexicon for subscribers. Efficient access and searching of the largest compilation of Mäori-English and English-Mäori dictionary resources available. MORE >>

Macron Converters

Unicode to Ansi / Ansi to Unicode utilities - customised routines for processing existing documents (that contain macronised characters) so that they can be utilised in Microsoft PC applications that are incompatible with your existing application, or for transmission to another organization on a version incompatible with your source documents. MORE >>

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