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Te Ara Kupu

Te Ara Kupu

Licensing, Pricing
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Now you can load our stand-alone dictionary 'Te Ara Kupu' onto your hard disk and have access to more than 51,000 entries, from anywhere, at any time!

Te Ara Kupu (the pathway to words) is a subscription-based, updateable, Maori - English - Maori dictionary that loads onto your hard disk. You can 'float' Te Ara Kupu on your Windows® PC desktop and access it from anywhere!

Licensing, Pricing and Ordering.

CORE CONTENT includes:

  • Wordstream's WILLIAMS corpus
  • Wordstream's TREGEAR exceptions
  • Te Matatiki contemporary words
  • Kimikupu Hou contemporary words
  • He Kupu Arotake educational terms
  • Kupu Rorohiko I.T. terms
  • Ngä tini a Tangaroa fish names


Te Ara Kupu is easy and intuitive to use ...

By default, Te Ara Kupu opens in 'standard search mode' .

STANDARD SEARCH is a quick and simple method of finding every instance of a word or phrase (Maori or English) from within Te Ara Kupu - and if you're searching for a Maori word - you don't have to worry about macrons - Te Ara Kupu will find all the variances for you!

ADVANCED SEARCH lets you refine your searching - very useful when you want to reduce the number of "hits" you'll get and increase the relevance or accuracy of what you're looking for.

With advanced searching you can apply your search to: English or Maori; Maori only; English only.

In each of the above search categories, you opt for any of the following refinements:

  • Exact matching (of your search term)
  • Start with this term (find all variants that start with this term)
  • End with this term (find all variants that end with this term)
  • Multiple wild card (put one or more wild cards [?] within your search term).
  • Single wild card (place a single wildcard [?] anywhere within your search term.

AUTO COPY AND PASTE lets you click on a hit (the headword entry you select) and it's automatically inserted into your PC's clipboard - ready for pasting into whatever document, email, or programme you wish!

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