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Whakatohutö Aunoa Auto Mäori macroniser

For: Microsoft Word / Office for PC up to & including XP. Ansi and Unicode compatible.

Whakatohutö Aunoa automatically macronises any blocks of Mäori text you highlight, or entire documents, - (when you place the cursor at the start of your document). We've designed it to allow you to type without having to worry about creating macrons as you go, or even macron placement!

How it works

When you install Whakatohutö (in Microsoft Office / Word) it provides a new button "Macronise" on the Toolbar. After you've finished typing your document you simply highlight all the Mäori phrases, sentences and paragraphs (one at a time) within your document, and click "Macronise". Whakatohutö will then flow through the highlighted text, macronising as it goes! When it strikes a word that can have more than one "form" it pops up a window which provides you with the options in Mäori with English definitions, so that you can make the appropriate choice - then it resumes its task. In this way, your knowledge of appropriate Mäori word form increases each time you use Whakatohutö.

If your document is entirely typed in Mäori, then you simply place the cursor at the start of the document, and click "Macronise" and Whakatohutö will perform as described above.

Spell Checking

It's a good idea to spell-check your document after macronisation. Whakatohutö co-exists with Moana Kupu Whaiutu (where loaded) and simply adds its own button along Moana Kupu Whaiutu toolbar buttons - so if you're an existing Moana Kupu Whaiutu user - it's easy and convenient for you to spell check after you've used Whakatohuö Aunoa!

If you type Mäori phrases and sentences in predominantly English documents, and don't have a Mäori spell checker, we recommend that you get Moana Kupu Whaiutu (click here for more).

If you type monolingual Mäori documents, and want auto macronisation, please look at the details for Ketepäraha Kaiwhakamäori - it works the same as above, but only on monolingual Mäori, and also has a spell checker included. (click here for more).

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